Free The Female

“Building a Personal Brand starts with Freeing the Female” says Image Consultant and Brand Visionary Shana Robinson, who helps Female Business Owners increase their income and influence through showing them how to BE the brand, create a lasting first impression and share their authentic selves with their audience through Styled Brand Shoots. Shana helps you explore both sides of entrepreneurship and the side that no one wants to talk about, the side that is holding you back from elevating your Brand.


Shana’s 5+ years of business and branding experience, her ability to empower people with her honesty and truth, and her personal mission to free women from their pasts have enabled her to use her extensive expertise to style and brand female Business owners in Canada, the United States and beyond.

New Approach to Branding

Shana speaks to audiences around the world about the importance of “First Impressions . . . and everything that leads up to making a great one” inviting them into a conversation that reveals how they see themselves, how the world sees them and how they desire to be seen. She is the first female, Canadian, Certified Speaker through Eric Thomas and Associates with a passion for Elevating women and their brands.

Need a breakout or keynote speaker
for your next event?

Shana’s energetic speaking style motivates audiences to take control of their lives and businesses. Her ability to instantly connect with a crowd and push them to maximize their potential is extraordinary.