Hi, I’m Shana

Image Consultant and Brand Visionary, who helps Female Business Owners increase their income and influence through showing them how to BE the brand, create a lasting first impression and share their authentic selves with their audience through styled Brand Shoots.

Let me guess

Up until this point you’ve invested or a ton of time, energy and money trying to grow your business.

Deep down, you’re a go-getter and believe in your gift, but you’re tempted to give up on your entrepreneurial dreams because you haven’t been able to see the return on your investment. You’ve tried everything you can think of to succeed but you feel defeated and are tired of your confidence being stuck on an emotional rollercoaster.

I know what that feels like and I can help.

Through The Branding

Boutique, we not only rebuild

your brand, but curate an image

that helps you confidently

collect more coins.

When I Started

My first online business years ago as a life coach, I knew I needed to share a strong professional image online. But as someone who was also side-hustling-it as a bartender at night, that was a serious challenge. After spending hours researching other coaches I saw a recurring theme – they all had a signature program and a quote card with their image on them. So I quickly pulled together a glam team to make my own dream photoshoot come to life. Among all of the lovely ladies I had the chance to work with on my big day, one person really stuck out to me, the personal stylist.

Not only did she

challenge the vision I had for myself and my brand, she made sure I felt powerful. The transformation I felt led to me becoming a student of image styling – and years later I’ve styled dozens of clients for personal shoots and events. When you look good, you show up as the best version of yourself both online and in-person.

I feel totally aligned

When I am styling my clients and helping them reach a level of confidence and certainly they never thought was possible.

My clients walk away feeling unstoppable, and I want to help you have that feeling too.