The Branding Boutique

Opportunities dance with those already on the dance floor

– H. Jackson Brown

Let Me Guess

  1. Up until this point you’ve made a few of mistakes trying to grow your business.
  2. No matter how many tools or strategies you have, if you’re spinning your wheels working a million different projects you’ll never own the lane you’re called to. 
  3. Through The Branding Boutique, we can not only rebuild your brand but curate a closet that helps you confidently collect more coins.


Speaking Engagements

Shana’s energetic speaking style motivates audiences to take control of their lives and businesses. Her ability to instantly connect with a crowd and push them to maximize their potential is extraordinary.

Shana’s speaking topics include:

• Ways You Give Your Power Away

• ReBranding You, On Your Terms

• Taking Your Power Back

Accomplishments + Training

Certified Life Coach

Certified Speaker Eric Thomas & Associates

Work With Me

I feel totally aligned when I’m styling my clients and helping them reach a level of confidence and certainty they never thought was possible.

My clients walk away feeling unstoppable, and I want to help you have that feeling too.

Total ReBrand | Give your brand a refreshing new look

Brand your company in a way that aligns with the CEO you’re becoming.

Whether you have a brand new company or need to give your existing business a facelift, this package is for you. If you’re serious about taking your brand to the next level with a fresh look and feel, this is your chance. You’ll be able to increase your visibility through working with a team of experts that will provide your brand with the update that it needs. The Total ReBrand will help you feel confident that your brand and online presence truly reflect you and your business. 

You’ll get:

A one-page website

A business card design

Three Instagram templates 

Checklist / opt-in template

Be the Brand | For those who are ready to embody their company

Brand your company in a way that aligns with the CEO you’re becoming.

It’s time to go from everyday entrepreneur to powerhouse CEO.

During your brand shoot, you stepped into your “business you.” You put a face to your services and created an image for your brand. Now, it is time to become that woman. Learn how to go from entrepreneur to business owner through transforming your mindset and embodying the brand that you want to be. During this 1 hour meeting, you will undergo an enlightening experience centered on becoming your brand and showing up as the expert you know you are.

Undergo a Master of Styles assessment to better understand your behavior and learn how you can use your strengths to run a successful business. You’ll receive my signature Business Owner’s Guide that will teach you how to leverage your unique abilities to best benefit your brand!

Walk away in total alignment, brand clarity, and full embodiment of what you want your brand to be!

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